The Coaching Anchor

The Coaching Anchor is founded by Smriti Goel. We work with associates who are experts in their respective fields and have garnered global experience at very senior level of training, coaching and working with organizations in every sector.

What do we believe?

We believe in the basic premise of Coaching – that every individual is whole and has untapped resources within to deal with the change they desire for themselves. What could be stopping them from accessing those resources is the lack of awareness, lack of faith in one’s own abilities and perhaps lack of concerted action to overcome fear or inertia.

Our job is to create high self-awareness, re-frame past experiences for useful outcomes, overcome internal barriers and facilitate creation of possibilities that will catapult our clients towards action. We empower our clients to formulate a powerful vision as well as hold them accountable for a consistent effort to move towards their dreams and goals.

What is unique about us?

We bring the depth and breadth of experience, working in multiple sectors across multiple geographies to be able to flexibly connect with individuals and leaders at any level. We have the training and the skill to motivate our clients to not just higher level of performance but to a higher level of learning and thus be more satisfied in delivering on organisational goals. We use many tried and tested tools from our vast experience like Transactional Analysis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Co-active model of coaching, amongst others.

Ultimately, we bring our world experience that allows to key into the inner world of our client to facilitate the necessary change.

We practice what we preach. We continue to invest in our learning to ensure continuous improvement in the services we offer.



Founding Member

Smriti is a passionate people’s person who is committed to creating meaningful experiences for her clients. She brings 20 years of multicultural experience in many geographies that allows her to be insightful, intuitive and hugely resourceful in addressing her client's needs.


Associate Member

Karen has been in the Learning and Development field for over 17 years. She lives in South Africa and works internationally, both face to face and virtually. She thrives on diversity and difference with a curiosity about noticing and honouring what is similar and what is different.

To create subtle shifts in mindset and to act with alacrity for achieving personal and professional goals



We are happy to conduct in-person coaching if that’s what you prefer. This can be combined with online or telephonic coaching if needed.


Multiple options are available like Skype or Zoom to allow a complete coaching experience online.


Coaching on phone is not only convenient, both client and coach can benefit from avoiding the distractions of a physical environment and presence.