From womb to tomb, a woman goes through many transitions in her life. We juggle multiple roles and feel pulled in many directions. The pull between responsibilities and a yearning to follow our heart's desires can land us in marshy land. Integrating our varied roles in the face of conflicting social and organisational messages, can be quite challenging.

  • What dreams do you want to live every day?
  • What regrets or guilt do you want to give up and feel liberated?
  • In what situations do you want your voice to be heard loud and clear?
  • When you wake up every morning, what do you want to be excited about?

The power to create a fulfilling life and live up to your full potential is within you.
Come and awaken it!
Take charge and weave the patterns that will lead you to create a powerful identity - achieve your goals and fulfill your heartfelt desires.


We don't have to change the world. We need to change our view of the world.

A 1mm change in the moment will set you on a path of transformational change.

Mind Over Matter is a powerful blended learning program with state -of-the-art tools and techniques from Neuro-linguistic Programming and Transactional Analysis.

Who can benefit?

Any woman who is...

  • .aspiring for growth in an organisation
  • .an entrepreneur
  • .starting or re-starting her career
  • .aspiring for change in personal life

Other Service Offerings from The Coaching Anchor

Executive Coaching: Helping leaders connect to their deep-seated beliefs and creating sustainable change.

Life Coaching: Bridging the gap between desire and reality. To create subtle shifts in mindset and to act with alacrity for achieving professional and personal goals, seek Executive Coaching & Life Coaching from Smriti Goel.

Customized Leadership Programs: We create customized programs which drive sustained learning with long standing benefits.

We maintain a cutting global edge and bring you world class programs with a local construct.

In Mind Over Matter, I will walk with you on a journey to:

Visualize a future that you always dreamed of
Unpack your limiting beliefs and shift your mindset
Create new thought and behavioural patterns that will empower you
Act with intent in the 'here and now'

Come create the new 'You'

Smriti Goel

Associate Certified Coach
NLP Practitioner, Master Coach

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