Executive Coaching

Helping leaders connect to their deep-seated beliefs and creating sustainable change

  • Do the leaders in your organization have enough support when transitioning from one level of leadership to another?
  • Are your executives unwilling to change despite feedback from multiple sources?
  • As a CEO or HR Head, are you struggling to reshape the behaviors of your leaders to bring about organizational change?
  • Do you need to provide an objective sounding board to help your leaders commit to behavioural change for better organizational performance?
  • Are the leaders unaware of their blind spots, their internal barriers and are in the way of their own growth?


We use the skills of being a trained coach and business experience to help clients connect to their deep-seated beliefs and create sustainable change. We use a co-active style of coaching with a wide variety of tools tried and tested in our consulting experience to help executives:

  • increase self-awareness
  • think clearly
  • consciously modify behavior
  • establish stretchy goals
  • feel empowered to achieve them
  • feel propelled to act

Ultimately to increase self-awareness and modify behavior for self-development and organizational benefit


4-Step Process for Coaching Engagement

We adopt an experiential and personalized development process to help each leader build capability and resilience to achieve short and long-term business goals.

Our coaching approach is underpinned by active listening at the 3rd level, empathy and coaching presence to build trust and intimacy, creating high degree of awareness through insightful questioning and ensuring that the challenge to overcome barriers is balanced with adequate support.

Customized Leadership Programs

If you would like us to work with a large pool of leaders, we can combine group work with one-to-one coaching and create customized programs which drive sustained learning with long standing benefits.

Program Features:

  • duration of 3-9 months
  • 1-3 days workshops
  • One-to-One coaching sessions
  • online support to drive sustained learning
  • 80% experiential and 20% theoretical learning methodology
  • Provoke thinking, self-reflection, self-awareness
  • Objective personality profiling using psychometric instruments
  • designed and conducted by experts in their respective fields.


We maintain a cutting global edge and bring you world class programs with a local construct.

We sow the seeds of behavioural change using practical exercises, role plays, case studies for practice sessions. We inspire our participants by using NLP techniques.

We are trained, certified and highly skilled in holding one-to- one coaching sessions that will ensure that the learning transfer curve continues to go up and there is no relapse.


Some programs that we have designed/ conducted are as follows:


      - Growing people, performance & purpose. 

    In the current age of quick make or break of organisations, the need to retain talented millennials is even more prominent. Organisations can find it hard to sustain a competitive edge without having coaching leaders.


      - Delivering results with maximum efficiencys. 
    Have you heard the phrase,'hit the ground running'? All senior executives are expected to do that with or without environmental support.


      - Opening minds for sensitive leadership. 
    Ultimately successful leadership is individual dependent. There are multiple behavioural dimensions that must be understood to become a culturally sensitive leader.

To create subtle shifts in mindset and to act with alacrity for achieving personal and professional goals



We are happy to conduct in-person coaching if that’s what you prefer. This can be combined with online or telephonic coaching if needed.


Multiple options are available like Skype or Zoom to allow a complete coaching experience online.


Coaching on phone is not only convenient, both client and coach can benefit from avoiding the distractions of a physical environment and presence.

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