Life Coaching

Bridging the gap between desire and reality

  • Are you at a juncture in life where you have no clear thoughts of how to move forward ?
  • Are you feeling unsupported and thwarted in your personal or professional life ?
  • Are you a woman striving to create a personal identity amidst all the roles that you are juggling in your life ?
  • Are you a school or college graduate, confused and torn between your passion and your family expectations ?
  • Are your inner barriers, doubts and self-talk coming in the way of your growth ? Are you in your own way ?


As your coaching anchor, we can help you to find the way forward in a safe, supportive environment. We will help you to feel empowered, overcome your self-doubts and bridge the gap between desire and reality. We will enable and empower you to find your way out of the fog and move towards a more energizing and motivating tomorrow.

Our Coaching Approach

We believe in a holistic approach to Life Coaching and use a co-active style of coaching to co-create outcomes with our clients. Clients often approach us for specific purposes, but we recognize that choices made in one area of our life have an impact on another. There are interdependencies and interconnectedness. We work towards an overall goal for the coaching journey and make every session count to move towards a purposeful life.

While we follow a framework and a coaching process, we remain flexible in understanding each client’s agenda. We listen at the deepest level to understand how the client’s articulated need keys into their values, deepest beliefs and purpose. Our intuitive and responsive approach allows us to work with clients to create a balance in their lives that is energizing and fulfilling.

To create subtle shifts in mindset and to act with alacrity for achieving personal and professional goals



We are happy to conduct in-person coaching if that’s what you prefer. This can be combined with online or telephonic coaching if needed.


Multiple options are available like Skype or Zoom to allow a complete coaching experience online.


Coaching on phone is not only convenient, both client and coach can benefit from avoiding the distractions of a physical environment and presence.

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